Hampstead is located in North London and is one of the most exclusive residential areas in London and made famous by the heath which sits high above London, Hampstead Heath. The village of Hampstead has a larger number of millionaires than any other area of the UK.


This is the place to take your clever escort as it is also known for its intellectual liberal music and artistic associations. You will impress your intellectual escort by telling her that the origin of the name Hampstead comes from the Anglo Saxon word “ham” and “stede” meaning homestead and although the area can trace its history back to the Domesday Book, its main history starts in the 17th Century. Hampstead was well known in 1700 for its spa waters and it became a fashionable and successful area but in the 1800s it came under pressure from other London spas and was demolised in 1882.

Your escort will love to walk through Hampstead’s enchanting winding streets and enjoy some of its remarkable architecture. Impress her by telling her about some of its many illustrious residents from the past which include Agatha Christie, the sculptor Henry Moore, and the artist Ben Nicholson.


The poet John Keats also lived here and there is a museum in his memory which you just take your escort to as it is in Hampstead that he wrote his “Ode to a Nightingale”.

Your escort will delight to hear about its dangerous past which is reflected in the various well known pubs in the area with such names as The Spaniard’s Inn where the highwayman Dick Turpin took refuge; the Old Bull and Bush is also a famous pub and is named in a well known London song. There also stood at the edge of Hampstead Heath another pub called Jack Straw’s Castle.


Hampstead has a wide range of excellent restaurants and you can take your escort for a well earned meal after a long walk on the heath to The Gaucho Grill which serves wonderful succulent steaks from Argentina and where you can sit on cow hide seats. Or take her to La Gaffe, Casbah or Le Cellier du Midi.


Excite your escort by telling her that the area has been used as the setting in a number of films including American Werewolf in London and also the film Labrynth starring David Bowie. During your visit to the area you must take your escort to Kenwood House which is a lovely 18th Century House nearby.


There are a large number of famous people who are residents in the area including the writer Martin Amis, the actress Helen Bonham Carter, the comedian Russell Brand and ex Spice Girl Emma Bunton. Take your lovely escort to one of the many coffee shops and spend some time seeing if you spot a well known celebrity.

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